Friday, February 10, 2006

REALITY: have u ever met someone so special for whom u r ready 2 redo everythin u did wrong. i have, it feels good 2 find someone who walks into ur life and britens it up wit a smile .it fills ur life wit purpose, a reason 2 live. il tel u wat i did. i met my past again i met da guy who stabbed me into heart frm da back. i didn't kill him, i didn't slap him. i didn't know wat 2 do,
then i thought abt her n my anger melted as if it was insignificant. i went ahead and spoke wit him. he was sweatin, i acted as if nothin happened. it felt wierd, it felt as if i lost somethin every close 2 my heart. did i lose myself in tat moment? i don't know. jus her name was enuf i thought. ma friend was right there wit me, he looked at me as if it was my funeral he didn't expect me 2 do tat. i come home ten tat person who u care 4 more than anythin wants 2 leave u. is tis 4 real? why is tis happenin? there is one thing though wen i go thru shit in ma life lotta good things happen to people around me. its like i attract misery. maybe its a good thing coz these ppl r very close 2 ma heart. tey say tat "its better to love n lose than never to have loved". i don't believe in tis. tis quote is 4 pussys who had no sense of problems in their life 4 someone like me its bullshit. its like if u know there is no light 4 won't crave 4 it but if someone shows u its there jus 2 tease u n take it away it hurts more.i really appreciate one of my friends who doesn't wanna have anythin 2 do wit love he is smart n he is right, if u get someone u love its da greatest thing ever its like heaven but 99% of da times it doesn't work n it hurts like nothin u ever felt in ur life. one thing real is pain n i embrace minds sayin "welcome back loner"


Oogalord said...

though it took u sometime and some hurts u did realize that love sucks donkey balls!!! all those assholes who think iam wrong in blaming love can kiss my ass!

neway welcome to the real world bro!

phatcougar said...

ya it does dude i agree but wen it works it can do wonders 2 u as well. its peoples selfishness tat drive tem 2 love more than anythin else

DEM_C said...

raingod(varun) is right..!

Caraira said...

Hi its Katsí from Caraira art. What kind of canvas? mmm well it's not smoot a little bit of texture in it. And the size is 4 feet tall by 3 feet long. I dont know how much is that in cm. I'm not sure if I answered your question.
Take care

somebody said...


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