Tuesday, February 05, 2008

IDEOLOGIES: Have you seen people go down in flames because of their ideologies. I have, lot of them. They make assumptions arrived upon by a single instance in their life when they felt something never experienced before and said to themselves this is what I will do for the rest of my life, these are my ideologies and I will stick to them no matter what. But life is as unpredictable as the mood of a woman. You might think something is wrong in a certain circumstance but it might be right or sometimes the only solution in another.

For instance killing someone is considered as a gruesome act or a sin in almost all the cultures damning those whose who commit this heinous act to the depths of hell for all eternity, but killing is considered noble in warfare. The one who rips the heads off his enemies rather the enemies of his beloved motherland is considered a hero and showered with praises and guaranteed a place at the feet of the almighty himself. Isn’t this hypocrisy???

Ideologies are like this. Many don’t understand them entirely and end up slitting their own throats unknowingly in the process. Only when they are bleeding from their fatal wound do they understand that the situation didn’t call upon their ideology rather their common sense.

People change, change is the only constant thing in the universe. Every waking moment you are a different person. Every experience you have makes you look at the world differently. Perceptions change. Depth of understanding increases. I may contradict myself over and over again. I may read something that I wrote two months ago and wonder how I could have written that or I may even contradict myself the very next line you are about to read. Internal arguments galore, inevitable turmoil of the soul. So how can I have ideologies when I don’t know myself or see myself as the reference point to the ever so confusing world around me??? Do I want to know the world around me??? Or do I just want to know myself. What about ideologies, what good are they???

I have a strong moral compass can I use the same as my ideology??? If as I said ideologies should change over a period of time should morality change as well????

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