Wednesday, November 12, 2008

DRIVEL: Stop. Don’t proceed further. My legs take me reluctantly pain engrossing every part of my body like wild fire. I started loving pain, it’s like a drug stays with you, while you walk, stand, sit and even in your sleep. The companion whom you never wanted but who has been there for you in times of trouble and joy. Constantly reminding you that you are just a head on collision away from your destination.
Stop. Thinking never goes away. Mind needs rest but I don’t listen. I don’t listen to anyone. The kind of rebel that starts with the letter “L”. This can go on forever. I have tried for two decades. This is not a disease this is who I am. This is me.
Stop. This is not good. I shouldn’t go in. The whole thing is really funny. Funny as in normal funny, not as in Giri funny. Today I’m thinking twice to step into a mart what will happen tomorrow. I won’t even be able to get out of the house. Look around. Things lots and lots of things. Everyone wants to feed their ego. Children can go to hell. Teenagers to a much worse place – “Franchise coffee shops”. Ego has a massive appetite. It is known to swallow whole countries. How do you kill the ego without killing someone? Still learning, these classes aren’t for free. Currency insanity, credit is over rated.
Stop. You are traveling at 100 kms per hour on a road which resembles the surface of the moon. A beautiful song resonates in your head as time seems to slow down. That’s the moment that can be relived for ever. Stop. The moment just betrayed you. The track in your head changes, now you can hear only the voices of people who put you down all your life. All you can see in front of you are the images you wanted to forget so desperately. Twist the wrist, 120. Wrong lane 120. Behemoth of metal carrying tons of steel honking its mighty horn. The wide grin on your face is asking for more. 130. Stop!
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