Thursday, April 01, 2010

Growth: Everyone talks about growth in life. True growth occurs when you shed your negatives and embrace only your positives. Let the light shine and the darkness fade away. The other day I was having a conversation about this with one of my friends and he said that if at all this is done then the real person is lost. When we meet someone and become friends we appreciate the good in him and acknowledge the bad. This makes him what he is and this is the person whose friendship we cherish. I don’t agree with this. When I’m friends with someone I make sure I tell them what they are doing wrong. Some people don’t realize when they are doing something wrong since the wrong that they commit
has somehow been justified in their mind and has become a part of them. If they can change that and move towards being a great person from a good one, that’s something I would love to see.
I have had a lot of people tell me it’s not easy to do the right thing all the time. I’m not asking everyone to be a saint. The major obstacle people find in their lives ahead of greed is laziness. When you are just lazing around ask yourself, “Can I be doing something else that will enrich my life instead of what I’m doing now?”. Invariably the answer will be, “Yes”. Just go for it. It’s quite simple. The best part of doing something or the other all the time is that you don’t get time to dwell in your own misery. Every day will get brighter and brighter. To this if you can add shedding your negatives, every day will seem like a dream.
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