Saturday, May 26, 2007

CAN PALMS BE READ- somethin really wierd happened 2 me da other day. a lady said she wud read ma palm and do it 4 free. since it was free and i had time i volunteered. i'm a strong believer in da fact tat, once u know ur future u have no future. anyways she got it spot on she asked me if i experience any halucinations frm time 2 time. i cudn't believe wat i was hearin coz no one has eva asked me tat ppl usually thnk i'm sane. i was like wats goin on is it was real??? ma sis was sittin nxt 2 me so i knew tis had 2 be real. tis is somethin tat is true abt me so hesitantly i agreed. halucinations r beautiful. even if u lock me up in a completely dark room 4 days il survive coz i a gotta brain tats crazy i can event ma own world witout ma knowledge and actually enjoy tem. i remember many funny incidents tat happened 2 me wen i was a kid. i was left alone most part of da day wen i was a kid. i didn't have any friends 2 play around wit so i used 2 be in ma own world and we lived in da first floor we had a huge terrace and we had stairs tat went up. one day i was playin alone in ma so called world and i donno wat i was doin i fell frm da stairs and woke up after a few minutes ten i knew in ma world i din't have those stairs and i fell. tat was freaky but i cudn't fuckin control ma mind, for tat matter even now i can't. ten another incident happened agin wen i was abt 8 or 9. i was sittin on ma stairs thnkin abt somethin i see tis guy comin 2wards me he looked wierd he was thin and had a long bushy beard he approached me and gave me a toy da ones filled wit water in em tat u get in fairs now i dono whether tis guy is 4 real i kept starin at him thnkin how da fuck is tis happenin ten ma mom came out and explained he was an uncle tat i had never met b4. i tel u i was fuckin freaked out i thought i lost ma mind tat day. but it rocks 2 have a kickass brain which can do wateva it wants but da flip side is i need a lotta sleep compared 2 others coz every wakin moment i'm thnkin abt a million things in ma mind.

CLARITY: its a beautiful thin i'm not talkin abt clarity as in wen u can see somethin clearly. i'm talkin abt clarity of the mind wen there is jus one thought in ur mind and evrythin slows down. no i aient talkin abt matrix either. wen u have felt tis u'll know wat i'm talkin abt. its very hard 2 explain, u realise everythin is fake in tis life. tat moment tat fraction of a moment is jus blissful. wen it happened da only thin tat was ruinin tat moment was i cud hear ma pillon sayin "Giri no matter wat happens don apply da breaks it doesn't matter even if u ram into a truck. CLARITY.......
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