Sunday, March 07, 2010

CHANGE : I can feel enormous change in me. I look inside for all of my answers now. I’m understanding all my limitations and trying to push them to accommodate more of me. I feel the need to grow and spread my wings. When you realize where you stand as an individual as compared to where you want to be the next day or a month after that or a decade after that you start unraveling the path on which you need to proceed. This also tells you the amount of work one needs to put in to walk that road let alone reach a goal. This is the point where people turn back and settle for something lesser and more comfortable. The mountain looks too torrid to be able to chisel into a beautiful sculpture even though you know it’s hidden in there. If you think I’m talking about success you have mistaken. I’m not talking about achieving a desired goal but the path in which you need to proceed and the joy that brings you regardless of the end result. The end result is for people to see but what really counts is the experience. Experiencing a beautiful sunset on a beautiful beach is more important than taking a picture and showing it to your friend. As you sweat it out to create something beautiful you aren’t thinking about anything but what you are working on. Once completed people might hate it or love it, they are getting a glimpse into your psyche when you created it, but they can never experience what you felt when you created it. Don’t settle for comfort; settle for what your heart really desires.
One more thing has changed in me in the recent times. I still don’t know whether it is for the better or for the worse. Before when I used to see people who have potential I would be hell bent on making them realize this. I would talk to them and try and get them to see it. Lately I’ve realized that everyone has potential and everyone has something unique to offer to the world. There are lots of reasons that differentiate the ones who are doing something about it and the ones who don’t.
The first reason - some people are just too lazy to do anything. They would sit and criticize a guy who is doing awfully in the area of their expertise. They know they can do better than the other person but won’t. The reason being they are just too lazy to get off their asses and do anything about it. The worst kinds are the ones who are proud of the fact that they can do better, not do anything, yet think the rest of the world is beneath them.
The second reason – some people do not like risk. They would do anything to reduce risk. I believe in taking at least one shot at something that you are passionate about. I would hate to get old and think I should have taken that shot when I could. Even if doesn’t work out you know you tried. That would be your personal screen saver in your head in troubled times. Sometimes life kicks you so hard in the groin that you would not want to take anymore risk. I understand these people and what they are going through but I don’t necessarily agree with them. When you are down and out that’s when the real you emerges, if he is strong you will soar to heights beyond imagination and limits. The best part is everyone one of us is strong.
Coming back to what has changed in recent times. I no longer spend my time and energy in making people realize their potential. I know that they haven’t achieved that stage of awareness to realize all the beautiful things hidden inside them. I just hope someday they wake up and look inwards before it’s too late for them and the world.
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