Thursday, July 10, 2008

RAGE AGAINST THE HUMANS: Frustration is building up so badly. I might choke anything that would walk past me. Its like every time I raise up to take a breath somebody holds me by my ankles and pulls me in deeper into the water. I can feel the water rushing into my lungs. I feel my anger engulfing my veins as they shut down all possible avenues of rationale in my brain. It’s dangerous when frustration manifests itself into rage. It burns anything and everything that stands in its path. I desperately need to calm myself down. I need to tie myself to a lamp post until this feeling subsides. Even if that doesn’t help then ram my head into a wall with a tidy run up, hoping it would knock me out of my senses for at least a few minutes.

Writing seems to calm me down. That’s one of the reasons I’m writing now. Procrastination can be one of the main culprits of rage it definitely is for me. You know you should not procrastinate yet you somehow convince yourself that you can do it later and maybe even do it better at a later time. It’s funny the absurdities we can convince ourselves into believing. I have seen guys who make basic mistakes while riding a bike yet they proclaim to be true bikers. Do they even comprehend how all this bullshit effects people around them? They are too self obsessed to think about others is what I feel. After you reach a saturation point of taking crap from these mentally challenged special agents of irritability then there is no way you can mend the relationship you once had with them, which by this time has severed beyond recognition. After that point though even the simplest of the mistakes you would have overlooked seem as big as ratting out our beloved nation’s secrets to our enemies. I say this because the punishment dished out to such crimes are pretty similar, intense and sometimes even cruel.

The crimes committed purely out of rage can they be tried the same as if the guy was completely in his senses? This is where justice and true justice differ. Our judicial system doesn’t consider the state of mind one was in when he committed those crimes except in the case of insanity. The victims are enraged too not necessarily of the crime but the sheer pace of our judicial system. It tires you down so much causing intense trauma as one is reminded of the same nightmare each time he visits the temple of justice. This makes the victims want to let go of the antagonists no matter what they did to them, hoping a supreme force will return the favor ten times mightier in the name of karma.

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