Friday, March 05, 2004

exams: tat word is creepy isn't it? i wrote my exams in da last 2 weeks and totally fucked it up. i'll be happy if i get 60% marks. anyways when tis aweful experience was goin on. i had wierd thoughts goin on in my head as usual. i was havin trouble regurgitatin wat i read. so i was just lookin around and i saw this electric socket i front of me . i truly wanted to stick my pen in it and turn on the switch, but i didn't have da balls to do it. then i thought maybe i should take my answer sheet and run outta da room, but i just read in da admission ticket tat doin so would be cosidered an offence and i'll be debarred for 3 years and even jailed. i do not wanna go to jail and lose my virginity to a guy named gabbar singh. by this time a squad just entered, he just went for da good lookin guy in da class and started friskin him. from da glee in his eyes i knew tat bastard was gay. fuck those fag bastards.
after da exam i didn't know whether i had written da right answer for a particular question, so i went to these bookworms. i don't call these guys nerds coz they r worse than nerds. nerds atleast have fun in their own wierd way. but they do have fun. i consider myself half nerd. i enjoy science shows and collect stuff like soap boxes. i think book worms are da worst creatures on planet earth even worse than maggets.
so i went to them and after asked them if they knew the answer. i was honestly scared they had glowing eyes and horns growin as i spoke 2 them. they looked like a cartoon version of the satan himself. they started grabbin at the question paper as if they were anjelina jolie's boobs. i felt like i was surrounded by blood thirsty mutated sharks. i've never seen them so energetic and pumped. if only these guys could use this energy on da field i would have some good players for my football team. they were so pumped tat it looked like they swallowed da whole case of viagra for breakfast includin da box it comes in.i was so afraid tat i just ran home from there. i just can't get them outta my head. i can't sleep. somebody help! HELP!!! i need an exorcist, book worms r eatin my brains off
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