Monday, March 06, 2006

THINGS 2 DO: things 2 do wen u pissed or depressed abt somethin but can't do shit abt it

# well tis one is obvious if u can get ur hands on some dope. tats it. smoke it up. a slight word of caution though, there a 2 kinds of people- the ones tat cry after smokin or the ones tat laugh hysterically once u r high. if u r one of those guys who cries, tis is not da proper time

# take a long shower- tis really helps believe me. maybe tats y tey show it all da movies. for me it has 2 be hot shower coz cold ones make me feel more pathetic.

# talk 2 a clown- tis is real fun, i can't call ma friend a clown but harry sure knows how 2 change ma mood. he speaks abt all kinds a crap and i always feel better.

# nirvana- man o man does tis rock or wat. its like wen u r listenin 2 kurt especially unplugged u automatically feels better n ten u always dream of doin wat he did so elegently took flight at his peak wanna do tat shud reach da summit soon. c it feels better already.

# paint- tis is kinda wierd coz u can't draw or paint wen u r depressed but u can sure paint ur room or atleast windows. get some paint especially black n paint it all, trust me it feels better.

# talk 2 varun- tats dempsy GOD 4 all u ppl. he is a crazy guy who always has a practical head on his shoulder. he is smart n wen u talk 2 him u kinda feel tat u r smart 2. he can always fix ur head.

# RIDE (ya baby)- ma favorite. i aien't talkin abt takin a long ride like some morons do, u do tat wen u r really happy n wanna experience da joy of ridin. wat i meant here was, well lemme tell u wat i do. i got a 2 stroke beauty(more like a sexy beast). remove ma regular filter fix da high performance one chose a busy yet neat road. RIP RIP RIP. u shud be hittin least 100 in busy traffic piss off ppl but fly. believe me u won't have a chance 2 thnk of anythin else n wen u stop da bike if ur legs r tremblin tats a good sign. wow love ridin. u won't thnk of anythin else 4 atleast a couple of hours. love ma bike......
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