Monday, March 06, 2006

THINGS 2 DO: things 2 do wen u pissed or depressed abt somethin but can't do shit abt it

# well tis one is obvious if u can get ur hands on some dope. tats it. smoke it up. a slight word of caution though, there a 2 kinds of people- the ones tat cry after smokin or the ones tat laugh hysterically once u r high. if u r one of those guys who cries, tis is not da proper time

# take a long shower- tis really helps believe me. maybe tats y tey show it all da movies. for me it has 2 be hot shower coz cold ones make me feel more pathetic.

# talk 2 a clown- tis is real fun, i can't call ma friend a clown but harry sure knows how 2 change ma mood. he speaks abt all kinds a crap and i always feel better.

# nirvana- man o man does tis rock or wat. its like wen u r listenin 2 kurt especially unplugged u automatically feels better n ten u always dream of doin wat he did so elegently took flight at his peak wanna do tat shud reach da summit soon. c it feels better already.

# paint- tis is kinda wierd coz u can't draw or paint wen u r depressed but u can sure paint ur room or atleast windows. get some paint especially black n paint it all, trust me it feels better.

# talk 2 varun- tats dempsy GOD 4 all u ppl. he is a crazy guy who always has a practical head on his shoulder. he is smart n wen u talk 2 him u kinda feel tat u r smart 2. he can always fix ur head.

# RIDE (ya baby)- ma favorite. i aien't talkin abt takin a long ride like some morons do, u do tat wen u r really happy n wanna experience da joy of ridin. wat i meant here was, well lemme tell u wat i do. i got a 2 stroke beauty(more like a sexy beast). remove ma regular filter fix da high performance one chose a busy yet neat road. RIP RIP RIP. u shud be hittin least 100 in busy traffic piss off ppl but fly. believe me u won't have a chance 2 thnk of anythin else n wen u stop da bike if ur legs r tremblin tats a good sign. wow love ridin. u won't thnk of anythin else 4 atleast a couple of hours. love ma bike......


Caraira said...

Thanks man! But I think I have to consider size since "Maboya" is twice the height of "Ke". But I raised the price, though.

Oogalord said...

dude wat the fuck is wrong with every1???? first its dempsy sayin iam god and stuff and then its mallu sendin me some super gay ass mail, thanking me over and over for god knows y! and now its u sayin i have some "practical head" and shit like that, wat the hell is goin on u assholes? r u guys teamed up to piss me off or somethin?

Dream said...

try the long ride
- moron

Anonymous said...

the long shower and nirvana seem better of the idea,dope,not so much.u ll only create more problems for urself wit it i guess..

pavo23 said...

dope helps.. ride yeah baby .. yu need to own a two stroke4 tht .. help myself wid my yam baby .. kurt?? gues james hetfield's betta option...4me..shower too helps yu ... grt goin bro yu know it all..!!!

somebody said...


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