Monday, August 11, 2008

CHILD ABUSE: It spells terror in most people’s minds. Brings horrifying images of innocence being robbed off an angel by a very nasty creature in the form of a friend, uncle or a relative. It leaves a scar on the victim so deep that it is impossible to heal it no matter how much time is at hand. Is there another form of child abuse? There is, maybe not as traumatizing but still impacts the life of the child in a similar manner. Here the people around the child inadvertently rape the young child’s thought and those beautiful innocent dreams. It can even be the child’s own parents. They intend for the kid to lead a good life and be happy but the path they choose can be completely wrong. Pushing the child to do things it doesn’t enjoy and not allowing the child to do things that it enjoys in the name of hygiene, status and all the other bullshit that we adhere to in this world.

It’s hard for a kid to grow up like this. Once you grow up like this every moment you spend analyzing yourself. You are filled with an urge to make others happy than you being happy. You grow up looking around hoping to see people smile at your success. Even when you succeed you are not exactly happy. You are relieved that you haven’t failed and that they can’t blame you anymore. Even a simple game of cricket on the streets turn into a savage competition coz your brain morphs it into the most important game of your life. You start playing really well seldom making a mistake but can’t enjoy the game coz you are engrossed in all the calculations that will help you succeed. Socially you might attain the highest degree of success but you will be dead inside and the worst part is nobody seems to understand this, until one day you blow your brains all over a pretty wall.

One of my friends once told me, “if you don’t procreate, you are a failure as an organism.” Does this mean just to be successful organism I breed a flock of kids and trample their souls under my mighty feet until they become serial killers? I don’t agree with this at all. If you think you are emotionally disturbed to be a good parent just don’t have any kids. It’s as simple as that. The atrocities that you unknowingly commit on your child decide the fate of the little one. Every tiny detail counts here. The punishment for mistakes being the biggest of them all. I would prefer beatings over mental torture any day. Beat me and get it over with. Mental torture is a whole different game. The parents being elder can think of a million different things to say to a child without being aware the amount of hurt they are inducing on the little soul. The kid might take every single word seriously and this will remain with him forever, tormenting him while he is asleep in the form of nightmares. Making him feel isolated from the rest of the world. Only way to protect young minds is to educate the old. If a couple decide to have a child, they should be made to join dedicated classes at least for hundred hours to understand the fragilities of a child’s mind and every year they should be made to realize their duties as a parent. This can be done by attending additional classes for maybe five hours a year. Lot of people might disagree with me saying parenting is a natural thing. I would like to ask these talented parents whether it is so difficult to dedicate hundred hours of your life for the welfare of their own child.

Parenting is the most important aspect of human existence. It determines whether the young soul is going to be happy or miserable for the rest of his life. If you have even the slightest doubt about your parenting skills, please don’t have any kids. Maybe you are saving the lives of a whole lot of people you haven’t even met.

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