Sunday, November 28, 2010

RELAPSE : I started writing again. It feels good. It feels like coming back home after being in battle for a while. All my scars heal quicker when I'm writing. Its magic. But I need to do something more than just ramble. Empty ramblings which make people sit up and take notice. My perspective looks good on paper but I'm learning the hard way how much you have to toil to make them real. Sometimes it doesn't even make any sense.
Some people aim for something really close to them. Sights set on something that they can achieve even if they trip and fall. Others choose something barely visible but the path has been laid out by others and which hand full of people they know have been able to achieve. I'm shooting in the dark hoping it hits the big bad grizzly, clearing my path for the elusive dream that my once twisted mind keeps telling me is real. I don't even see the grizzly so there is no point talking about what I'm heading to. Rest assured I'm going for it. There is no point in mediocrity. There is no point is rules, career, relationships or anything else. Its you and everything you dreamed of. So for everyone who reads this from time to time. I'm finally going to write a book.

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