Saturday, July 12, 2003

i have no idea wat the fuck i'm doin here. yes i'm new 2 this. ok lets talk abt universal crap called love, i don't believe in that bullshit i think love can b catagorised into 3 things they r FEAR, RESPONSIBILITY & GREED.
4 example:
* y do u love ur parents because its ur responsibility & u fear if i don't wat the hell will people think?
*y do u love ur girlfriend coz u wanna do her or u want a companion. that is fuckin greed
so according 2 me there is nothin called love its all bullshit

the 3 most important things in life according 2 me are:
*sex(lots of it)
*money(lots of it)
*friends(only a few loyal ones)

i know by know u would have realized that i'm a complete loser if u guys think this makes sense u guys r freaks but u can contact me people at
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