Saturday, November 01, 2008

MYSORE STUFF: Have you ever noticed how in old Hindi porn movies the background score is always some beautiful Md. Rafi song. Guess what they will be playing in frog porn in the swamp land? Two frogs fucking each other’s brains out. Croak, Croak, Croak…..instead of all that orgasmic moaning. Instead of croaking think about a seductress moaning….ooooohhhh’s and aaaaahhhhh’s. Say it out loud oooohhhhh, aaaaahhh now in the same tone try Croak, Croak, Croak…….
We have established the fact that you can have a successful career up ahead in dubbing for frog porn. Let’s get back to the original question. Gibberish has that effect on you. You forget the question, the discussion; you remember nothing, a void in your memory.
So there goes another train of thought completely out of control a million miles an hour right at the sun. Intergalactic 9/11 everyone mourns, you didn’t get that either. I know. You are a moron and I’m a genius.
Let me try and explain. The train is an Intergalactic space craft shaped as a train. Taking people to their destination, you know transportation. You know like Indian Railways, rainways, drainways, sewage and filth ways. Lot of names one meaning, you know, like synonyms or like they are alike or the same, you know whatever. Now imagine a hot blonde you know like one from the Victoria’s secret catalogue. Like the model Heidi Klum. I still can’t believe she married Seal. You know the singer. Yes the guy with the crater face. You know you might say that he has a good voice and sounds nice but he is no Mother Theresa. She was a hippy who had too many horse tranquilizers. You should watch “The Dark side of Porn”. Download bitch. “Piracy Zindabad!” so I just found out that Ramdoss is planning to ban lollipops coz it corrupts our youth. By helping them get YOU KNOW. This is a scale. All the nasty things that you substituted for that YOU KNOW determines how fucked up you are. I KNOW you are fucked up. Tall and high buildings everywhere - subliminal message. It’s not an IQ test. Primates confirmed proceed. Opposable thumb, proceed. I’m not even going to try and explain Audioslave to you. Sagar lies. They rock.
The spot of my girlfriend is taken. Suzuki Shaolin 138.2 cc, 12 bhp actually its only 11.8 bhp. I lied, so does everyone else. D’s not C’s. Get your eyes checked. Trophies with asses are what they are. Ass definitely more important than boobs. Message sent out and delivered. I’m horny and I’m waiting. Angie will do.
Met a man locked away – Exploder. I’m not going to explain. Do some research bitch. Google – Exploder+lyrics. Read it and get back. I’m here waiting. Gay messages flashing in neon. So you are back. Read it and get back was so gay. I’m sorry. Gay messages work I’ve seen my friend pick up girls with it. Shh! I’m not a squealer. So now you are confused or extremely happy that you have understood the entire thing. Go back to YOU KNOW. Now you know you are dangerous coz you are a smart pervert. I completely understand since I’m one. Look back at all the things we discussed lets just add one small detail. Bangbus and Dirty Sanchez rock. Preston is stupid. If you are confused we can proceed further.
This song should help. Getaway Car. I don’t have to tell you to Google it. Chasing cyclones is a nice slimily to what’s happening in your brain. Buckle up Mister. Mindfuck launch in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…..lift off. All fancy, “shit understood” on your mouth will get me a forgotten smile on my face. Not just shit, then it just tastes awful. The meter kicks in and I’m perverted to the core. If I were a genius there would be shit on each and every one of your fuckers mouth. Sudhanshu was right; lot of fucks in the speech doesn’t make this Scarface. Intelligent fucker! Sorry buddy I just figured fucker is better than fuckless. So here is where I get the idea of a sequel in my mind. Yes, Sarith I’m a capitalist. I’m a lot of things a pervert, almost genius, and a capitalist.
Angie was the last thing. We start where I ended and go back in time and space. Breadcrumbs will help you retrace your steps given there aren’t any birds flying by. So we were talking about beauty which refers to my bike, with specifications to make you understood how beautiful and it rocks. It’s like Audioslave, they both rock. I know and Sagar knows it too. Primates with very high IQ were our ancestors who found music. This reverts to my humble invention of the pervert meter which was supposed to be just a subliminal message. The felony is explained in the subsequent lines referring to a tragedy which rocked the world. Corrupt people banning corrupt things, that’s the definition of corruption, Share people, we got enough. People are dying and you are stuck on piracy. You are pirates peddling human misery. Pirates were pussies compared to you.
Some how “The dark side of porn – Animal Farm” and “Mother Theresa” hit the same nerve in my mind. By now I don’t have to tell you to refer to the pervert and genius meter. Ranking 1, the best, numero uno. Small bubble I live in. Seal looks like a saint; I’m sure by now you are getting the groove. Again if any doubts persist feel free to go to you tube and type in “Seal”. If you didn’t understand, “Thank you for playing”. Go back to the start. Heidi Klum married Seal. So you guys are back again hopefully the ride wasn’t bumpy and you have understood everything till now. She was the hottest Victoria’s secret model, ever. So go back to the pervert meter and put in all the key word you find in this one paragraph and I’m sure I beat you. You thought you had beaten me didn’t you? After a lot of filth I cleaned all of that up with an industrial cleaner named Heidi Klum. Corrupt Indian Railways was the filth I was referring to. Laloo’s huge speech aboard the Intergalactic train. Anybody see the irony here? The chief of Indian Railways on the intergalactic train. Hold on have patience; obviously we shouldn’t wash our dirty laundry in public so we call it transportation.
If you still didn’t get it go back to the end of the line which is actually the beginning of the time wrap. Loop in the space time continuum. That’s where the Intergalactic train is the best vehicle known to human race. After that a meteor killed everyone on earth. “Human Park” in production. Spielberg makes billions and donates it to scientology.
It all started with the 9/11 incident which happened thousands of years ago in the US. Now even the sun is inhibited by humans. Working there in the nuclear reactors of the future. The crash set off a chain reaction of sorts. The meteor was pulled due to the shift in the gravitational pull of the sun. The orbit changed, Boom. The massive impact was not just from the train. The future reactors blew up throwing radiations all across the intergalactic space, a mess of infinite proportions. The suns radiations started causing small black holes. Within a blink of an eye everything was gone. Our native planet, earth will remain in all of our minds for ever. Our stupidity caused our end. Annihilation, synonyms I’m sure I spoke about them.
Gibberish can be anything. I should be a programmer with all that void and fancy language. Creativity is fun that’s what the voices say. They don’t stop until you need serious professional help. So I adhere to the voices. Spineless no slip disc, like the sun complex everything in ruins.
Frog porn visions with the dead frog on the table and the scalpel in my hand. Cheek to cheek smile, inside the grey mask. The answer is A.R. Rahman.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

I saw two pigeons,
Sarith saw them too,
and they were two.
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