Saturday, December 24, 2005

REVENGE: revenge sucks like my grandmas ass but guess wat vengence rocks. i wanna kill 4 ppl as of now. but i don't wanna do it quick. i want them 2 suffer tiil their last breath. i wanna kill teir loved ones first right in front of them. strip them naked fuck em and take a sharp knife n start cuttin. first the tounge n the lips n then make cuts all over their body, scrap the flesh off while doin tis u need to hear the knife scrape the bones n make tat sweet music. the final part has to be the eyes pierce the knife n pop it out n put it in the mouth of the half dead body, make it chew it without the lips it would look great the fluids oozin outta the mouth n between the teeth. wen the person is dead get an axe an tear open the chest cut out the heart cut the head as well n kick it thru the window. head shot(lol). now move on to the person u wanna kill. but here is where it gets wierd don't kill them just break their legs n hands they should suffer 4 ever, keep them on life support if u want don't let them die. i forgot some thin record everythin n if u can effrord it keep them captive n make them look at it 4 the rest of their lives.........
LOVE: fuckin over rated like crazy. she is a damn bitch who bends over for anyone ,anywhere but guys don't fall 4 her. her pussy is like a cheese grater with a suction like a black hole. she will rip ur skin apart from ur dick till ur flesh is naked to the flies who r hoverin over n havin a luxury meal. them she will suck ur blood out like a leech witha yeast infected pussy. but guess wat u r still breathin u can still feel her if u haven't got it yet, u better u ass she is the damn BITCH i warned u abt. love should be banned ppl who practise it killed by feedin them to a pac of rabied dogs with foamy mouths. kids born outta love should be burnt to death n the girls impaled while they r alive. love no one n the world just opens up. u r not bound anymore. u can do everythin immoral. chuck love n move on, if u don't i warn u u'll never know wat happened till u find a damn spear with ur head on it...........BEWARE
killin people: how would u kill people? with ur hands? or with ur mind? i thnk its da mind. plan everythin to the most minute of the details. execute in ur brain. think abt the elemnts involved, wat can go wrong? this is an important steps. if u want it real bad u will thnk ur self every wakin moment coz u want it so bad. u r focussed u cut urself every day just 2 remind u of the pain. pain is life there is nothin like pain. remember wen u were a kid how u loved peelin off the wounds wen they were heelin, the pain was beautiful it reminded u of the accident its the same. self mutilation i get it now..........
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