Saturday, January 10, 2004

CRAPPY NEWYEAR: newyears why da fuck do people celebrate it. i don't understand. its just another day. its not like da next day everthn is gonna change, as a matter of fact it might just get worse. life will remain pathetic. da funny part is tat- people drink, fuck, shag, dope on newyears eve. they don't actually realise tat by doin tis they r actually spoilin everythin. on newyears people greet each other by sayin, "happy new year". i say if u r so concerned about me bein happy just throw me some of ur money or just kill ur self buddy i'll be happy. the other thing i hate about newyears is da motherfuckin resolutions. till date i haven't met a single son of a bitch who has kept his resolutions. we don't even have da decisive power to decide da clothes tat we r gonna wear everyday n these fuckin guys r talkin about controllin their shitty desire 4 a whole year. u gotta be kiddin me.
by this time u would have guessed tat i hate newyears. well i really do. somethin bad always happens on newyears. one of da reasons i cannot celebrate newyears is i'm broke all da time & da price of everthin is high on newyears. tis year i had my fuckin internals & i'm not well[well i'm a life long patient]. every year i mean everyyear somethin happens. when i was a kid my parents used 2 probably fight on newyears or i would be sick as usual or somethin else happens. one more thing i don't like r parties, to be honest i don't like people so parties r way off. i like being alone. like now. anyways,"have a fuckin newyear".
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