Friday, July 25, 2003

i can't sleep. no i'm not insomniac, its coz the damn dogs in da streets r barkin like hell. i wish i had a Gun right now, i swear i would have blown fuckin brains outta their heads. u think its violent, u think i'm a bad person, if u do....... then screw u son of a bitch, tis is wat i am.
anyway wen u think of dogs & killin them u think of da great menaka gandhi. i hate tat bitch. she always preaches da common man 2 take care of da animals around them. well....... wat da fuck does she know abt da common man. imagine tis, a common middleclass man works all day long sometimes even 4 10 hrs a day . he comes home aftr a hectic bus ride which feels like riding a jam packed puke machine. he is tired has 2 take care of his kids, his wife da bills & all kinds of fucked up shit. then he goes 2 sleep, the dogs start barkin, now tell him 2 be good 2 da dogs, if u do, he will cut ur balls out fry them, powder them & will drink them with a glass of warm milk. but maneka gandhi doesn't know tis, she is some whore who lost her husband & wanna supress her desires by talkin abt freakin animals. there r more than i billion people in our country, thousands of them r dying every day and she talks abt some rabies infected dog. she just wanna hog da lime light & go 2 bed thinkin abt some horse or some bull or some

sorry guys its 3 am & i'm pissed of so bear with me
da freak
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