Thursday, October 09, 2003

who is more superior man or women. tis has been buggin us 4 ages. i thk women r more human than men. we men r more beastly, we thk thru our dicks while women thk thru their hearts (tat is da problem no one gives a damn abt da brain). we men can sleep with a 1000 women & don't even remember their names. whereas it is proven tat women get attached 2 da men they sleep with(i guess tats why female whores r more costlier than male gigolos). it is proven tat intelligent people live longer than dumb bastards (i'm not talkin abt da bonehead who stood in da middle of da road just 2 see how hard da bus can hurt u). it is also proven tat women live longer than men. hence women r more intelligent. women don't do dumb things like punch walls 2 just condition thr hands(maybe tats why they live longer). women thk before they make a decision. they don't fall 4 a guy who is just goodlookin, they will check out da financial security 2. well we men will marry a terminally ill women who will die da next day if she slightly resembles angelina jolie(i get a woody every time i say tat name).but after all tis if u give me a choice 2 be a man or a women i would chose a women any day. da reasons r- i can pee standin(cool). i acn jerk off any time & get full satisfaction, a girl on da otherhand needs a guy(tats why they use dildos). BIKES!!!! i can take my shirt off in public without people droolin at me. i die early. i dodn't have 2 give birth(dude when i watched tat video i totally freaked out. i thought i was watchin aliens). PAINFUL SHIT. its good 2 be a guy
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