Tuesday, September 02, 2008

WILL OF THE WARRIOR: Battered and bruised I stand here all alone in anticipation of the light that would rescue me. With all my might I plunged my sword into the mighty Dragon’s heart to slay the beast and save myself. I thought I killed the beast until I saw its eyes teasing me, making me feel like a little kid.
Seed of doubt the curse of the warrior. The blade seems distant, blade seems heavy. Killer instinct flowing away from me. Hands tremble, throat dries. The spirit of the warrior flies cold. Leaving the heart, leaving the soul. Leaving only doubts galore. Look in the eye seems unclear. It’s an unknown emotion the one of fear. The night beckons the warrior, even though he isn’t here. All that remains is a shell full of shame and fear. Frozen battlefield the souls raise, the warriors, the immortal heroes towards the sky. All that remains is my sword and I. My companion and I left alone.
Take me away and save my soul, the body isn’t worth anything anymore. Couldn’t feel anything, couldn’t feel the pain, void of all senses I stand here alone. If you can hear me shout back at me. Human touch is what I desire. I don’t need love even a slap on the cheek will do. After all human touch is human touch. Tell me how I failed; tell me I can’t do it. Set my blood racing. Make me feel again. If you do I promise you. A million dragons I will slay. Long and far I shall go to places where even darkness dares to go and hunt down every creature of nightmare. I will roam the depths of hell make Satan my concubine. Tell them I have arrived.
Taunting cries of the wolves, darkness magnifies every sound. As the dragon makes its move, I hold my ground as my thoughts soar way beyond the battlefield searching for a thread of life. Something that would make me forget the predicament looming large. I may lose my head, body or a limb but a hero never quits. Fight until you die coz a hero never quits.
What can’t kill me can only make me stronger. That’s a stupid reason to chop my leg and let me limp for ever. To cure is to administer poison slower until addiction kicks in and I can’t kick the poison. The dragons are my addiction how much longer can I chase them? Will my legs hold, will the heart be bold? Only time has all the answers. As a second slips out of the clock, millions are trying to turn it back to the place where no black can penetrate, only bright and brilliant light. Follow the light to a place where happiness is the truth. Beauty is just a touch away. No more misery, the happiness is here to stay.
Your single touch is what I needed; now I feel like I’m free. Free to roam, free to live, and free to feel your love again. I may never be the hero, nor will I be the villain. I’m what they call the man without a reason. A reason, will or destiny, these things seem like a joke to me. What am I to do after all the dragons are dead? What good am I if there are no dragons left? I live without a reason, without a will, hoping for a little destiny to make it all bright and red.
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