Saturday, November 03, 2007

ENVY:Its such a bad thing. I used to get really jealous when i see happy people. Now i jus don't coz i know wat i am and how strong i am i also know tat another person cannot be me. i love tat i'm completely fucked up, so much so tat i can at any point of time jus lose it n go on a killin spree. This makes me happy coz tat way i'll have a final blow out. I surely have da cojones 4 tat. Well da only people tat i really get jealous of are da celebrities so i'm kinda self in tat respect. My jealously emotion unlike ma psychotic emotion is completey under ma control.
Now the interesting bit, i've seen a lotta ppl completely jealous of others and tearin their hair off to bring the other person down who they are jealous. I mean how can u think abt a normal person like tat who u see every day. Extremely wierd in ma book. Moral of the small unintersting rather meaning less blabber that u jus read is, stop bein someone else, stop pretending, stop conspiring and get over it!!!!
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