Wednesday, March 29, 2006

OVER: gettin over certain ppl is easy, gettin over others is fuckin difficult. especially wen tat person meant a lot 2 u n wen u were completely committed to her. many say "move on dude, it wasn't meant 2 be", others say " dude, i knew it frm da begginin it wasn't gonna work u r frm
2 different worlds",others just say" i never believed it anyways". there u go, these r not da things u wanna hear believe me. first remark is damn simple yet very hard to execute. second one is true but again it kinda pisses me off. the third one well ma friends wat da hell else do u expect frm them. lets come bac to da buisness of movin on. well i no longer watch anythin on
television- no romantic songs, no funny serials(somehow all of em include love and shit), no movies involvin even da slightest bit of the L word. i just stick 2 a lotta cricket (thank heavens its always on), ten a lotta history cahnnel, discovery and nat geo. thanx 2 dis i now know who
ernesto che guevara was. also who fujimoro was and wat he did 2 peru. believe me it makes sense. i still have ma bike tats a big relief. wen all tis shit was happennin i took off frm home. all nighter with ma friends we jus rode till 2 am. well ma friend was ridin. we even got booked by da cops but was worth it. i felt really gud wen ma friend tis totally fucked up individual called varun told me mine was da second best bike he had ridden after a kawasaki ninja. now tats huge. ninja is a 998cc 162 bhp bike. felt good actually great. we also beat a fuckin 180cc avenger guy with ma measly 135cc bike with a pillon on. i feel bad for such guys actually u know wat i thnk tey
deserve it, morons. but everyday can't be like tis coz everythin else reminds me of her tats fucked up really. wenever ma phone rings i wish its her. to sum it up da way i feel is like tis--

Like Suicide
Heard it from another room
Eyes were waking up just to fall asleep
Love's like suicide
Dazed out in a garden bed
With a broken neck lays my broken gift
Just like suicide

And my last ditch
Was my last brick
Lent to finish her
Finish her

Bit down on the bullet now
I had a taste so sour
I had to think of something sweet
Love's like suicide
Safe outside my gilded cage
With an ounce of pain
I wield a ton of rage
Just like suicide

With eyes of blood
And bitter blue
How I feel for you
I feel for you

She lived like a murder
How she'd fly so sweetly
She lived like a murder
But she died
Just like suicide

chris cornell is god helps me through
everythin, be it thru soundgarden or
audioslave. he jus rocks!!!!
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