Monday, April 12, 2010

FATIMA BHUTTO: Little Birdie came from across the border. Where things aren’t so green. She looked like she deserved better. She sings a sad song of betrayal and misfortune on her and her kind. Is she looking for shelter? Or is she looking for a shoulder to cry on? Maybe she wants someone to lend an ear.
Little birdie is smart as she is beautiful. She looked to her neighbors who are rivals for ages. She sings the songs of blood and sword: betrayal is at its core. She loves the freedom of thought but is imprisoned in her own.
Her eyes have seen a lot of pain. Her tears want to bring about a change. She loves her little country and the countrymen alike; even after so much violence she thinks there is room for change. She wants to clip her own wings just to stay back and help.

The people in our land are skeptical for we have seen bloodshed galore. Do we trust the little Birdie? Do we believe in her songs? She tells us it’s not the people, people from both the countries are kind, it’s the kings and the king’s men who control the game. Setting bounty on the good ones, until there are no more. One of the Noble men says, her beauty might be an illusion meant to confuse us all. Her beautiful voice meant to hypnotize our souls. But I believe in the little Birdie, hope she doesn’t fall.
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