Saturday, July 19, 2003

hey people,
welcome 2 my space. let me tell u somethin abt myself. i'm an eternal pessimist, being a pessimist has served me well. when ur a pessimist u go into somethin without any expectations, hence ur never disappointed. 4 ex u go into an exam u think u did well, but u should always remember others correct these papers, they might not undrestand ur handwriting, maybe even forgot their spectacles or they r plain nuts, when u recieve da paper & its an F u get pissed off. some wossy may even think of killin himself, but i got no expectations. i would think "wat da fuck i'ma take da exam again". hence i th e pessimist will get an A in da next exam & da optimistic bastard would be dead.
so choose wisely would u like 2 be an optimist or a pessimist
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