Tuesday, February 09, 2010

POTS AND PANS: Life changing experiences doesn’t have to be a near death experience. Life changing experience is just the moment where you wake up in life. You realize your stupidity but we are like cauldrons filled with boiling negativity and bad choices. Its when this spills over that we really feel the burn. Our aim is simple, cool all the emotions inside and start emptying the cauldron. Once it’s clean we can reuse the same to fill in the good things in life
I have seen people work till they become machines. The only difference being machines don’t complain. They negate all the good work they do by complaining so much. When things aren’t going your way only then will the true you emerge. Stop complaining and focus on the good things, is what all the great saints will tell you but this is hard to practice. The easiest thing to do when things get tough is not to think at all. Its almost poetic, hum a song. Be blank. This I learnt from a life changing experience that I had about two years ago when I was at my miserable best. It helped that I went away from it all but again I was still in my body and my body was a mess.
Recently I had another one. I have always done things my way, never did anything to please anyone. Took my own road, the less crowded one that life offers. Even with whatever I do, be it writing or drawing, I never waited for any kind of validation from people. My motto has always been, I will do something in life which gives me satisfaction, and the world can burn in hell.
This has worked for me till now for I can find at least a few souls who agree with me, sometimes sympathize with me or find me curious enough to look at what I have to offer. Few weeks ago one of my close friends decided to get into business and more specifically into the food industry. I asked him whether he was in it for the money. He said no. I asked him whether he was in it because of his love for fine cuisine. He said no. I kept at it till nothing seemed to justify why he was getting into it. So my narrow mind was stuck at all these little materialistic and sometimes ego centric landscapes. Finally I gave up and asked him to spill it out. This is what he told me, “I want to do something that gives joy and satisfaction to people, and provides me enough to keep my passions alive".
My cauldron is a little less filled because of my friend Prashant.
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