Wednesday, May 12, 2010

BOLLYWOOD: It was a very peaceful fight. Nobody was bruised but they were battered beyond recognition. The Hero wanted the Villain to kill him but the Villain wanted to die at the hands of the Hero. The leading lady was a tramp. Which lead to the conflict at the first place and the fact that the Hero and the Villain weren’t brothers didn’t really help anyone.

This was very similar to a lot of fights between non siblings. The siblings were all murdered in the beginning of the book so that everyone automatically became a single child to their parents. The parents had the ill fate of choosing who lives and who dies.

This brought tears to the movie goers’ eyes. The crowed relished every second of drama unleashed before their tear filled eyes. Were they tears of pain or tears of joy were the topic of research for a renowned psychiatrist from a lesser known far away land. The sibling who was intended to die fought till he died, if he hadn’t fought he would be dead anyways. But the one who was victorious was not victorious over death because death always knows where you live.

Coming back to the story that hangs in the balance. The balance of life and death. The Hero and the Villain both born to different parents, fate has put them in the position of siblings. One has to die. They want blood, but their own.

Both have very low self esteem, both are in love with a tramp. The Hero shot the Villain with a knife. The Villain lived to tell the tale. The telling of the tale killed the Hero of embarrassment. He finally got what he wanted but did he deserve it?

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