Friday, February 13, 2004

i have always spoken abt things tat u need want and covet in life. bottom line is tat i speak abt greed. now let me reflect the other side of it. what will happen if u get everything u ever wanted, money main priority ofcourse. power infinite amount of it. women da hottest kind u will ever find who will do anything u ask them to, i mean anything. what next? what will u do next? i have absolutely no clue. i guess life will become kinda boring. tats why i think if i get everything i ever wanted (hypothetically, i know it aien't gonna happen) i'll kill myself. coz as they say the only place u can go frm da top of da hill is to the bottom. so i think its a good idea to kill ur self when ur at the top. now tat i think abt it, i think tats wat kurt kobain did. if u don't know who kurt kobain is, i'll tell u who he is. kurt kobain wwas the lead singer of the famous band NIRVANA. one day they found his body in a hotel room with a bullet in his head. they found his corpse after 3 days. he also left behind a suicide note tat was 3 pages long. the last line of which read-"its better to burn out than fade out". i think its cool. how abt u?
i think it becomes kinda monotonous when everything is just right. everyone knows the next move ur gonna do next. everything is mapped out from our birth to death. its do fuckin sick. this i realised long time ago and totally freaked out. some people call it midlife crisis. it hits people around da age of 45. tats when they start cheatin on their wives with other women. i had this fuckin midlife crisis when i was 17 does this mean i'll die when i'm 34. tats an aweful lot of time to wait. i wanna die when i'm around 24 tat'll be coooooool.....
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