Thursday, October 06, 2011

RESUME: This is a resume I had written a while ago when I was applying for the position of Content Developer in Ad firms.

Ever since I was a kid I always thought about the future. My future.

The first thought I can remember is me wanting to be a Rock. A boulder, a stone. I would stand for hours in the hot sun wanting to be the perfect rock but the competition in that world is unparallel, even the little rocks were doing a better job than me being completely Immobile. That's when I decided I should be a turtle.
My Dad on hearing this smacked me on my head and said I should pick something that human beings do, that way I might be more successful.
I thought, I thought for an entire day and it came to me. I wanted to be a detective. Some one cool and suave. Someone who would put all the superheroes to shame. Then I saw James Bond. I knew my spot was already taken.
Meanwhile, like any other kid growing up in the 90's India, I discovered Cricket. I was good, so good that I knew I would give Tendulkar a run for his money but my Dad told me that he is an Avatar of God and God's should not be challenged. Sachin thanks me even to this day for letting him be who he is.
I started drawing all the things I wanted to be. The walls of my room were covered with my hand drawn images of Rockstars, to Politicians to Bikini Inspectors.
I was lost in my thoughts again. Future was looking bleak. To vent my frustration I started to write. My teacher thought I should be the editor of the school magazine. So I did and wrote some more.
The teacher who inspired me was a Software Engineering Graduate and he was always good with the ladies. I had hit puberty and that made me want to be a Software Engineer. Now when I look back, I was so naive to think that Software Engineers can get ladies, I mean get laid.
I ventured on, for my Dad had his Smith and Wesson cocked and at my temple. I joined B.E Computer Science at Acharya Institute of Technology in 2003. Soon enough I realized my mistake, instead of attractive beautiful women, I knew was going to Repel them for the rest of my life. I lost interest in Engineering.
One rainy evening, I went looking for myself, instead I discovered Football. To my surprise my body already knew how to play without my mind realizing it. My Malluness was kicking in. I wanted to go pro, then the darkest dawn of my life Dawned on me. I broke my back in a tournament.
I had also tried my stint at Bike Racing and broke my shoulder. Tried being a Professional Gamer and almost lost my eyes. Tried being a Beer drinking Champion and almost lost my liver.
Between all these my college days got extended to seven years instead of four. I was ecstatic my parents were furious. It gave me joy to meet new people, kids younger than me my juniors. I was the father figure of my college.
I wanted to quit several times. My Dad wouldn't let me. He asked me to stay in school and not to do drugs. I fulfilled one of those promises and finished my Engineering with 55% marks in 2010.
I continued drawing and continued writing. My Blog ( became popular. At one point I had 170 followers from across the Globe. I was happy but broke.
My Best friend suggested we hunt down our dreams and start a Design firm where we can put all our talents into play. I was to become an entrepreneur. We started a Design Studio with no money. I felt like a chicken with his head cut off. I didn't know head or tails about the industry. It took me almost two years to understand the Industry unfortunately by then we had to shut it down.
I always had happiness, now I was looking for money. So like any other Engineer who doesn't want to be an Engineer. I joined HP on 12 of January 2011 as a Service Desk Analyst. That's a fancy way of saying I am a 20 something Call Center Technical Support Engineer.
I'm still Confident I will script my own Future. I'm also good at photography, I shot and directed one episode of a web based show called “Under the Sun”, using my compact digital camera. Unfortunately it lasted only two episodes. But now I know, I got Mad Skills. All I need is an Opportunity. - Girish Kumar Atuvalaipil Madhavan.

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