Friday, September 19, 2003

guys have u covetted sometin really bad. so bad tat u would do anythin 2 get it done. if u ask me tis, well i would have 2 say i haven't coz i feel there is nothin out there viz worth tat. on da other hand some people will do anythin 2 get wat they desire even kill someone 2 get it done. i frankly don't understand these insatiable assholes. like some say i wish i waz born in da us(i say tis 2. u guys know i'm an asshole. however i say tis only when i'm speakin abt sex. uknow wat i mean). i personally think there is no fun in livin in us everythin is served 2 u on a silver platter. i wish i waz born in iraq. right now i would be 19 & kickin some american ass in da war. i like hard situations & struggle. it hurts viz is da true human emotion. HURT. let me tell u some tats totally personell. i haven't spoken abt tis 2 anyone not even 2 my shrink. yes i'm looney. well we always think abt havin it all. eveyone's vulnerable in tis aspect. da guy who is poor wanna be rich. da guy who is rich wanna look like stallone(stallone coz i like him). da guy who we think has got it all would secretly wanna be a gal. da big question is how 2 get rid of tis.tis fuckin desire. some people say think of all da unfortunate people who don't have anythin. tat fuckin sucks coz ur seein thm as if they r dead. as if they don't exist as if u r better trust me u r not. those guys r more content. da best way 2 deal with it is don't try 2 live ur life(yes u read it right) don't try 2 live ur life. just survive tats all. just wait 4 da grim reaper. just survive till then....
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