Saturday, February 14, 2009

THE VIEW: You can see the water. Your eyes tell you there is water in front of you. Only one of your senses is satisfied. Next step is to feel it. Don’t you want to touch it? Or do you want the water to touch you?
The banks look beautiful. You might think you are in heaven. Everything around you is beautiful. Go. This is it, you think. This is the heaven you had in mind when grandma first told you about heaven. This was her vision, this is what she wanted you to see and finally you have arrived. This should satisfy you. Clear your brain of all the rotten pollution of your mundane life. Looking at the water soothes the soul. Calm. Not boasting. You keep wishing to be a part of the scenery. Finally, a part of something beautiful. Step in; still everything around you is beautiful. You plunge into the water.
Then at that moment where you thought you had finally discovered beauty is where you know how mediocre your image of beauty is. The water and everything in it, transcends to a degree which is incomprehensible to your futile mind. The rays of light reflecting back from the peaceful creatures passing through the clear blue water and hitting your eyes sends shock waves through your brain. Every Grey cell soaking it up, like never before. Your mind rolls back the seconds to a place in time where beauty had a different meaning. You understand that this is just the surface. Feel like scratching? There has to be more than just beautiful banks. More than what your grandma told you. More than just radiating water. Are you ready? Are you ready to take the plunge?
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