Tuesday, August 05, 2003

one of my biggest fears is goin naked in front of people. like in fear factor they asked a couple of people 2 walk naked on a ramp, my friend asked me if i would do it. i told him tat if i went first i got no problem, but if i go after a girl i got a HUGE problem. u know HUGE i mean HUGE. i would look like a fuckin coat hanger, i know its sick.
when i think of bein nude i think of tribal people who r always nude. imagine it would be so freaky one day a little kid goes 2 his father & says "dad i got pubic hair". then da question ARISES. no i'm not implyin' 2 anythin else. well 4 me da problem is when u r in a tribal group how da hell do u get aroused. everythin is right there, like when u look at a girl fully dressedu sometimes fantasize abt her body(if u don't then i'm a pervert) & when u see her naked u get aroused. its like wen a stripper strips in front of u tats hot & if she walks on to the ramp naked its not tat hot, its like u can't get aroused by ravi varma paintings
one more thing tat cocerns me in tis subject is if u see ur mom naked i bet u will never, i mean ever think abt girls again. but the tribal men see their bride & their mom butt naked at da same time(its ok if u puke now) . i really take my hats off 2 then 2 see their mom naked & go fuck their brides on da same day is an unbelieveable deed. i got 2 go now i got 2 clean my room there is puke everywhere
-da sick mind of girish

ps: i got 2 give my mind a new name. mail ur suggestions 2 st_agnostic@sify.com
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