Thursday, September 08, 2011

THE QUEST: It’s a dark evening, and then it starts to rain. We can feel Evil in the air. We throw caution to the wind and get on our ride. She is a supped up two stroke machine built it Hell. Her power is Legendary. If you don’t know how to ride her, the fear alone is enough to kill you. If the fear doesn’t get you, the massive burst of Adrenaline will. Shaolin – that’s her name. I have had my share of love quarrels with her. She has tossed me up in the air, threw me across the tarmac, crashed into other vehicles but we survived, we love each other. I like it rough and she knows it.

Today I was going to push her. She doesn’t like the rain but I had no choice but get her drenched. She gets intoxicated by rain, loses control over her power and her Balance. I know I’m pushing my luck, but I have no other choice.

We begin our journey; my pillion is my friend, the great warrior from Punjab. He had seen enough battles in his lifetime to know how important this one was for our kind. He had missed the last great battle which to this day he regrets. When I wanted him by my side he wasn’t there, he knows I’m disappointed. He wants to make amends. Dressed in his tradition turban and his warrior “kada” he is ready to take on the rain.

The strategy was to meet up with one of our allies. The Big man. He was getting an Oracle along to foresee our future. We were to meet them at the intersection of four big roads – “The Empire”, where helpless birds were devoured. We sent signals before we left so that they can reach the rendezvous point on time. En route we decided to empty the treasury, for in a situation like we are in now, we don’t know what lies ahead. With our pockets full and a single minded focus to achieve our goal, we forge ahead. The rain intensifies, Shaolin doesn’t like it. She starts kicked and swerving. I keep my mouth shut and try to control her. The great warrior from Punjab is at his best when he is calm. I didn’t want to worry him. The Oracle starts speaking to the warrior telepathically. We need to reach “The Empire” quickly. Time has decided to sabotage the whole operation.

I didn’t confess to my friend about something. I have a disease, I can’t understand direction. I’m moving ahead with Blind faith that I will reach the destination. The warrior sits behind me, not knowing the internal turmoil that is burning my soul. Stay calm my friend, I need you for this one.

We reach “The Empire”. I see the Big man and the Oracle, they seem to be in love. I could see the darkness engulfing the skies to the East, I signal to the Big man to get his ride and follow me. I ride towards the west full speed ahead. Time wants a win real bad, so he has allied up with his nemesis the Rain. My visibility has reduced, my heart is pounding. I can see bright lights coming towards me. I don’t slow down, I throttle up. I want this, I need this. The Big man and the Oracle are behind us. I throttle up further as Rain feels like a flood from above. I can’t see the tarmac. I see a green light. I instinctively know I have to turn right. I bank my baby and she slides. I’m rolling on the tarmac as Shaolin comes to a grinding halt 3 feet from me. I see the warrior on his back. I can feel the Adrenaline. We are so close,our destination is not even 50 meters away.

I pick my baby up, she says she is okay and starts apologizing. That doesn’t suit her, she is my girl, and arrogance is what suits her. The Big Man and the Oracle are concerned. They have this look which suggests abandoning the voyage. My eyes disagree. One kick and Shaolin is ready to go, but where is the warrior? I look around to see him limping near “Kaya”. I ask him to cross the great divide and attack. I can’t move as the lights in the sky are red. I wait till they turn Green and twist my wrist. I’m there in a flash but the warrior, he isn’t there. I need him before I go in. The Oracle seems to be worried about the warrior. I run to him to see him covered in Blood. He says, “This is just Blood go get them for me”. So I did. The Big man, Oracle and I we walked into Planet M and bought our Metallica Concert tickets.

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