Friday, December 19, 2003

size does it matter?- i'm 5"7 n i used 2 think i'm really short. i used 2 envy those fuckin tall mutant freaks. but now i'm over it i'll tell u guys why. i thk they have their own unique problems. i say this coz couple of days ago i saw this tall dude in da bus n he couldn't stand erect in da bus. i felt his pain when i travelled in a van the othr day and had 2 stand 4 some time in tat confined space. "girls" tats another problem tat those guys have coz 4 a really tall dude there r only a couple of hot tall tumblers, i'm sure he wouldn't get satisfaction fuckin a girl who bearly reaches his chest. i'm sure he would prefer wackin off himself thinkin of a tall gal. i saw this porn a couple of days ago where a big black guy was doin tis hot white bombshell. poor guy couldn't even get half of his dick inside her cunt. now tat totally blows and the gal was so god damn hot. the other problem with tall guys is tat to look good they have 2 put on substantial amount of weight other wise they could easily be recruited in da next speilberg alien movie in da title role.tats all i have in my brain right now, i'ma just fill tis blog with some letters gyg hefggg gfygyg grgyg byi uiryuvhubuhks uyivnwtyiutn yiitcvinutyi iuuyttvyituvy yiy yini u iyyv iuitiutyi iuy uyui i yrieoyih iuytnibtiveyii yyiu i yytir hiutnicn tnvnywoi yy iitt ti
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