Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The way they screwed up cricket:its a crazy game and we r all addicted. i remember da good old days wen i used 2 watch cricket on espn and learnt da game frm da masters, it helped me so much tat i was selected 4 da col team. bac ten da presenters did not care who da player was gave their most honest fuckin opinions on da face and we cud even see da gods of cricket makin mistakes and bein pointed out ruthlessly. those were da days of geoffery boycott, sunil gavaskar and harsha bogle. then these fuckin bastards sold da fuckin rite some numb skulled jerk offs at set max. now these guys ruined da entire experience by havin a 2 hr pre show called "extraa fucked up hr" (as u can see extra is spelt wit double a, yeah u bastard i know ma spellin sucks 2!!). da most insultin part was tat fuckin inbred bitch "mandira bedi" hostin da show. i can't stand her. as ma frnd says she is da best contraceptive.u look at once ur so called erection jus walks outta da window. she doesn't know any goddam shit abt cricket. she i've heard her ask questions like if in 10 overs u can score 90 runs why can't u score 450 runs??? coz bitch u take 2 dicks in ur ass 4 2hrs it doesn't mean u can do it 4 10 hrs straight on the other hand may be u can. u definetly can. now lets talk abt da others, charu sharma licks every guests ass shamelessly on national television. kris srikanth thinks he understands cricket i dono how he even was a cricketer. mohinder amarnath is da official bard ala cacofonix. ten da guests da goddamn fuckin guests. tis bitch farah khan was da guest. i know wat is she doin in a cricket preshow i dono. i thnk its a conspiracy frm ppl who hate me 2 get me 2 kill myself. she was asked who her favorite cricketer was b4 some indian match and she said, "sachin, but has he retired already, coz i dono!!!!". fuck u goddam edit tat part out plz stop torturin us. da way tey show da score card is also screwed up if u r in a hurry u never know wat over is goin on coz tey never show it as if tey r some hot models boobs and da less u reviel da better. wat bullshit!!! now lets talk abt da indian team. on paper we had a very good team but i can understand these things happen. i'm disappointed but i do have faith in ma screwed up team tey are gonna bounce bac. da only relief was pakistan beaten by ireland, made ma day. lets come 2 da worst part now anybody remember "ooh aah india". da guy who made tat ad should be cloned and killed every single day til da nxt world............we'll win!!!!!
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