Saturday, January 17, 2004

boobs:my friend visited me a couple of days ago & as u all know all guys r techno savy, we like 2 play with our expensive toys & know it inside out.[u fuckin perverts i'm not talkin about dicks].well wat i'm talkin about is i got a comp recently & he had some interestin stuff in his floppy. he told me tat i was gonna like it. but i was not sure. but boy did i like wat he had. he had pictures of real gals frm his hostel posing naked. i mean it was so cool. i couldn't belive it but it was true. i loved it. but i started thinkin why would gals do somethin like tis. my friend said they would have been drunk. but wat da fuck. if guys r drunk we don't take off ourclothes n pose naked. well if we were really drunk, we try 2 test our strength and try 2 stop a speedin train. but we would never pose naked. tats why i thk gals r damn wierd. they would pose naked but they will not allow guys to touch their boobs. but guys have no problem in lettin gals touch us anywhere they wanna. if gals wanna touch my dick. i would stand somewhere like jesus chirst & let all the gals have a go at it. hey i just had a brain storm & know how all the sports started.
i thk it happened somethin like tis. ok. guys got married thought they could touch their wives boobs whenever they wanted. but u know gals they would lie naked but wouldn't allow guys to touch their boobs. so guys got furious they thought if we couldn't touch ur boobs then we will touch somethin tat feels like ur boobs. so they started out with pigs bladders filled it with air & started touchin it. now they had a problem every guy in the damn town wanted 2 touch it. so they invented some rules, & belive it or not it worked. tis is how rugby started.
but now guys wanted 2 take it 2 the next level. they wanted 2 touch it with their feet. but agin gals wouldn't allow it. so guys got a ball[a big one coz some guys like big ones] and started kickin it around. but there was always tis one guy who liked 2 respect his women, he just wanted 2 touch it with his hands. so they made him the goalkey and football was invented.
but there wre still a group of guys, who weren't satisfied. they didn't like big boobs[guys like me i guess]. they wanted boobs which were firm & of appropriate size. so they married beautiful women with firm boobs. but again the gals wouldn't allow the guys 2 touch em. guys got furious. they got so furious tat they wanted 2 touch em with their dicks. so they got a firm ball and started hittin it with their dicks. guess wat happened? couple of them died. some of them even became impotent[which is worse than death]. so men being intelligent got an idea. they got substitute dicks, i mean sticks. see how they rhyme & started beatin the shit outta the ball. this is how cricket originated.
if u wanna know how some of the other sports originated u can contact me at
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