Monday, February 18, 2008

CLOSER TO HEAVEN: They say a lunatic and a child are the only two people who are at peace. Their minds are fresh and fertile for thoughts to grow without any ego or any boundaries. I’m not a child anymore, my only hope is insanity the sooner I get there better for me and the people around me because I don’t know when I’m going to snap and bludgeon each one of their heads with a sledge hammer and feed them unworthy, egoistical brains to dogs. I need the cover of insanity that is ma destiny. I so want to leave everything behind and soar into my imagination. Leave the world behind; be in a world where humans are forbidden only you and the nature. Play with the clouds and swim in the vast ocean. A healthy me who can swim now that’s a dream. The only solution till then is hibernating.

Bears are smart species they should have been ruling the planet right now if only they had opposable thumb, I’m pretty sure if they did they would have started colonies in other planets by now. So to avoid humans just hibernate, sleep and be lost in your dreams where the most beautiful ones you can weave is only limited by your imagination and understanding of beauty and pleasure. The guy who said seven hours of sleep is what a human needs was most probably an over achieving creatively deprived freak who ended up solving the puzzles of life using integration in his grave. I can’t be any other person I am right now, I have come a long way in this so called sane world who people who have money are offered more money and the poor are squeezed until they bleed through their eyes. I would rather be insane and not be affected by all these. I hope I need a straight jacket by my next birthday. Don’t take this as a cry for help, because it isn’t this is just me chasing ma dream of losing it!!!!

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