Saturday, September 27, 2003

everythin happens 4 a reason. tat my friend is bullshit., so is -all 4 good. tat's my dad's favourite sayin. 4 me it doesn't make anysense. tat which makes sense 2 me is everythin happened 4 a reason. of all da things bad da main reason 4 it 2 happen is stupidity. there will always be one guy who will make a fool of himself even in a stupidity convention.
lets talk abt somethin else. how abt ants. ants coz i think they r extremely lucky . they know wat they r gonna do as soon as they r born. they r gonna be a soldier, worker or a damn queen who gats fucked a million times. we humans don't have tat luxury. we crack our heads tryin 2 figure out wat they r meant 2 do. in human race only artists & musicians know wat they were meant 2 do (guys! people like justin timberlake don't belong 2 tis group) & they r ofcourse da luckiest people alive. now 4 da luckiest animal i think its rats. i say tis coz rats can have as many sexual partners as they want, & a couple of rats can make 3000 babies in a yr. god damn i envy these guys. they live in sewers, so there is no shortage of thm, no problem 4 accomodation. they'll eat practically anythin coz they r rats. the cople of problems tat they face r godzilla & aliens. i mean cats 4 thm look like furry godzilla & humans look like aliens 4 thm coz of all da gadgets. i'm losin my mind i'll c u fellow aliens later.
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