Thursday, August 21, 2003

super heroes r everwher these days, on da internet, tv newspaper except in da real world. i aien,t speakin abt heroes but superheroes. when v were kids(some of us still r) v used 2 fight who is da better super hero. i saw a programme on tis subject which said batman waz da best & most popular. tis pissed me off coz my favorite was & still is spiderman. he is like us, he can't get a girl his boss hates him & is a good guy. when he got da power of crawln on walls he didn't say, "hey i'm gonna save da world today" in contrast he tried 2 make money outta it. he has got only 2 powers, he can climb stuff & has a sixth sense. tats all. da webin he made it himself coz he's got brains tats why i like him. now let me ask u a question. if u were a superhero wat powers would u like 2 have? i think abt tis a lot(yeah i'm nuts). i would like 2 have da power of invisibility & da power 2 go thru stuff(like a wall). when i'm sayin invisibility its not like my body is invisible so i have 2 b naked all da time. its like right now i'm typin tis hence my figers r touchin da keyboard so if i wanna make tis system invisible i can do it if i concentrate. i know it sounds a little geekish. don't forget i can go thru walls 2 so i can b a good peepin tom(yeah baby). every hero should have a villan, but in his case hedoesn't have a supervillan. his agenda is 2 bring pease 2 da world. lets give him a name how abt "peace maker", its a little dorky so is "superman". 4 a successful superhero he should have some weakness. his weakness r , well he can't fly so he has 2 travel by plane which ofcourse he can do free of cost coz he is invisible but it will take him time. second he is tryin s2 bring peace 2 da world, well peace is one thing mankind cannot achieve coz v have a curse called intelligence bestowed on us. so peace is an illusion that peace maker will always chase. lastly he is invisible 2 naked eye but infrared can detect him. now lets talk abt costume. i personally don't like da cape & underwaer over da pants costume. how abt tis peace maker will always wear white, he can wear anything he wants but it has 2 b white thats all. i'm sorry i gotta go there is a crisis. hastala vista guys. i'll b back. i guess

PS: da crisis was i had 2 go 2 da toilet
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