Friday, May 16, 2008

PAMELA ANDERSON: Life in the city sounds enticing to a lot of people. The glitz and the glamour is all they see. They don't know the void that we have in our daily lives which we are trying to fill with luxury cars, fancy handsets and designer clothes. We need to put faces to these problems. Lot of people recognize these as problems when it’s too late. When a software engineer bludgeons his wife to death and hangs himself to the ceiling fan people say that he couldn't handle the pressure. Does anyone ask why??? We are so caught up in over achieving things we take out an umbrella to protect ourselves from the spring showers and the pleasant sun of the winter. Why?? Because we don't want to get sick so that we can make millions for the corporation we are working for. Slavery is dead but slaves are galore.

There is a distinct difference between the people in the city and the people outside. It’s like the people in the city have their resume of sins pasted across their miserable faces. Judging each other as they try to look deep into each others souls, putting their sins on a balance just to see who’s victorious. The look in their eye often suggests "watch your step else I’m going to slit your throat open in broad daylight and enjoy every drop that trickles out". People want to make a buck out of every opportunity that comes towards them. Humanity is a forgotten notion. Maybe its time to re term it as something else more appropriate. I have a brilliant idea. We need to put up banners saying "humanity dead???" Just to see how many of us even bother to react to it.

We, Indians were one of the first civilizations in the world. We were one of the first civilized people to roam this planet so to speak, it’s ironic where we are now. we have the same demons of war and plague but the difference being everything seems to be on steroids or in celebrity terms (coz unless there is a celebrity's name attached to an article no one even bothers looking at it) as enhanced as Pamela Anderson’s breasts. Where did we go wrong??? The communists blame democracy and vice versa. Why do we have this tendency to blame others ever so conveniently? Right form the way God made us to our financial condition to our looks, intelligence, family, friends, girlfriend, spouse, and children. The answer, leave everything. Abandon to achieve complete freedom. Its not so easy as you might think, you should have balls of steel. I would like to suggest a small exercise to start off. Try not speaking to anyone for a year you would understand how hard it is. I have done that, for me it felt natural, but when I finally decided to be normal again (in society’s term), I just couldn't speak fluently. It was like my mind knows what I want to say but when it comes out it didn't make any sense. This made my self esteem low. I started questioning my choices and my reasoning, but me shutting myself off from the world opened up so many things in my own heart which I didn't know about myself, that it made me believe. What I knew in the deepest depths of my heart about me were all true. I was free, I was complex, some may term it as insanity but do you think I really care? Hell no.


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