Tuesday, May 03, 2011

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST: I guess I understand why a man needs a woman. Men are supposed to be strong. Men like me never cry we stay strong for everyone around us. When a tragedy strikes you try to calm people around you. You speak to them and give them support and the strength they need at that vulnerable time. It’s our primitive genes kicking in, like a Puff Adder puffs itself to look bigger in times of crisis, like a Cobra splaying its hood out and standing erect, like a cheetah flaying its front legs to drive away predators, we puff our chest up and make ourselves look big. In spite of the agony that strikes our heart we don’t lose face. We don’t budge instead we stand tall and carry all the burden without any lapse in judgment wearing a mask of superhuman strength so that we don’t reveal the many emotions and turmoil that begets our heart.
I guess we need our women to show that we are human. I guess we need someone whom we can cry with in private. I guess we need that special lady who would believe you are strong even in your weakest hour.
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