Wednesday, July 19, 2006

AGE: i used 2 never understand tis. ppl always told me
2 respect a person's age. i used 2 ask tem wat da fuck for.
why shud a respect a person who has lived for abot 90 yrs
rather survived 4 90 yrs who is dumb as a dodo. i have met
so called elders who make one fucked up decision after da
other, if u sit down speak 2 tem and tell em tat wat tey are
doin is wrong either tey make fun of u or ignore u sayin, "u r
2 young 2 understand". no matter wat u do. u paint a picture
and explain it 2 tem like u will 2 a 2 yr old kid still nothin.
after tey have fucked it up completely tey have tis lame ass
explanation, sayin i understand tat it was a mistake il never
repeat it again. we have 2 learn frm our mistakes. i say tat is
just plain fucked up. if u r gonna learn everythin frm ur own
mistake imagine how many mistakes u have 2 make in ur life
time 2 learn everythin. i say learn frm other ppls mistakes
tats da best way. now comin bac 2 da topic. i understand
now why we shud respect age coz tey have gone so far in
their lives not killin themselves tats a huge achievement. i
donno whether il earn tat respect.......
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