Thursday, October 23, 2003

DA GOD DAMN WAIT : Imagine tis u wait 4 somethin tats rightfully urs. But it gets delayed day after day. Well when tis shit happens 2 me I get pissed off. I mean really pissed off. I mean totally pissed off. I hate waitin. Like when someone promises 2 be at time, I expect thm 2 be at time coz I wouldn’t make thm wait if I were tat person. But my good friends r always late. I can take tis some extent if I’m waitin in a public area coz while waitin I like looking at people around me, their actions it’s a lot of fun. But da thing tat I hate is waitin 4 somethin tats materialistic in nature, I just can’t take tat shit. Well people say tat the fruit of patience is sweeter. 2 a certain extent I agree in tis. If ur really hungry the fruit tastes awesome. But at da same time if da fruit is messed up u get so pissed off tat u will chop down the damn tree even if ur hungry like hell. Tis has given me an awesome idea tat is when people fight they shouldn’t fight with a full stomach. This way primal instinct of killin 4 food will kick in and u will beat da shit outta tat guy. I guess tis is wat mike Tyson used 2 do. But in one fight his appetite got outta hand and he bit evander holyfields ear off. Right now I’m feelin like bitin off someones ear myself. I’m tryin 2 reach my own ear with my mouth and honestly I’m feelin a little dizzy. I’ll tell u guys if I succeed…..

Ps:crap I fell down da damn chair.

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