Saturday, November 08, 2003

thought-n; idea, opinion, intention, formed by thinkin. well i got none but i can't disappoint u guys. we humans beings use less than 5% of our brain cells, i know that is pathetic. imagine the consequences if we use all our brain cells, would we be happy then, would we put an end 2 all da wars or would we be more pathetic than ever. i'm sayin tis coz i thk people who are less intelligent r more happy. i've seen tat intelligence is inversely proportional 2 happiness. dumb people even mentally ill peoploe r more content but intelligent guys wanna justify everythin. so is intelligence a boon or a curse? one thing i forgot 2 tell u guys is wat intelligent means 4 me. i thk intelligence is da capacity 2 understand ones own thoughts. do we really understand thm. some say that theres life on other planet, some say there is god. well how da fuck do they manage 2 thk of all this shit, i don't understand. i'm skeptic i don't believe in all the crap i can't see, touch, taste, smell or hear. i've always been a skeptic. i always argue with my friends abt SETI & othr shit like tat. does tis mean i'm dumb? does tis mean i have no intelligence? if tis is true & i'm dumb then i should be really happy. right? but i'm not.....
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