Tuesday, September 09, 2003

i'm sick of all da horror movies on tv these days. i don't believe in ghosts. but if they existed wat kind do u think would frighten da shit outta u? i think da one which wears da white sari & walks around holdin a candle is da most friendly of then all. i'm sayin tis coz i live in india here we have heck of a lot of power cuts. in tese situation its handy2 have a ghost which walks around holdin a candle. i shound start an agency which sells these ghosts its a million dollar idea. personally i like da ghosts that come outta da ground, u know da undead ones with their skins rotten & stuff coz tats wats gonna happen 2 us when we die. we become worm food. when we talk of ghost there r some things tat doesn't make any sense. why r there ghosts of only people. man is just an animal so technically ther should be ghosts of animals 2. we treat animals so badly there should be more animal ghosts.i have a more serious question- why r people so afraid of death? coz all our lives we know we r gonna die but still everyones' afraid. tats why i say life is just a wait 2 da inevitable. its a long wait isn't it? i saw tis quote da other day, let me quote it 2 u guys its beautiful. "life is pleasant. death is peaceful, its da transition tats troublesome" i think tis sums it all up.
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