Monday, June 18, 2007

CRAZY: well da definition of tis word is so fuckin crazy in itself. its an irony. if i go
on a killin spree, takin out all da dirt off the society ur crazy. in our society someone
who sits in da lap of luxury and preaches to a million ppl is a saint. while his little
helpers collect money frm da hard workin ppl of our country by showin them a perpetual shortcut 2 nirvana, tat fuckin bastard of a saint will be suckin on da juicy neck of a 15 yr old naive grl who is also on da search of nirvana. shit. tis is wat it has come down 2. fake gods r even rulin da radio waves televised in every goddamn language. no subliminal msgs here like some believe jus a lotta gibberish 2 confuse da ppl jus enuf 2 open up accounts in the Caribbean. wen r we gonna wake up and realise wat we have become. we r chasin thins tat don exist we fill our minds wit alternate realities where we have have our own right and wrong. da best part is 4 everythin we depend on da media these days if some reporter says cricketers r paid a lot we need 2 restrict it we automatically agree. baseless debates galore. we r addicted 2 caffine is it jus da notion tat drinkin an expensive coffee in a franchise coffee shop makes us happy. it doesn't make me happy, i tried it pisses da shit outta me. well maybe i'm crazy. everythin needs 2 change but how???
soon ppl wit minds like me (i donno whether tey exist) r gonna wake up and decide wats
enuf is enuf and take our society our country frm da hands of da crappy irresponsible media
who nowadays r tellin us wat 2 eat, wat 2 wear and who is sexy. maybe it'll take a few yrs
but trust me its happen like minded ppl r gonna come 2gether and there is gonna be a revolution 4 da better. maybe ten everyone of us can be completely crazy. a crazy world sounds good 2 me!!!
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