Thursday, September 18, 2008

RABBIT AND THE WOLF: The rabbit runs for its life. It ducks and weaves like a sprinter off to set a new world record. The wolf isn’t far behind. Every move is countered. The bite gets closer the rabbit runs faster.
The lecture continues. Anxious little minds waiting to go out into the big bad world and do something. The knowledge acquired is precious they think. Object oriented analysis and design can end poverty. The little dolls in the flow diagram look happy though. Boxes and rounded rectangles seem to be their entire world. No war just flow of control. Inheritance and a lot more gibberish, isn’t this an effort to make all this sound serious?
The entire process of learning in this classroom is like a delicate dance. He doesn’t know what he is teaching and we don’t know what we are learning. Be careful not to step on his foot.
Every instance I look at his bright red belt buckle I imagine he is a superhero, out to protect us from the evil university. An apt disguise as a teacher, if only he could teach. If only he were a superhero. The pen striking the paper translating thought into words is the only thing keeping me glued to this seat. Mind wanders searching for boredom only then will I learn something. But there is so much to explore, if you look closely you can find fish in the tube light. I’m the only soul looking at the ceiling while the others stare at the absolute emptiness which lies right in front of their sparking eyes. Then he asks, “Any Doubts?” I got so many where do I start. Can you press the bright red belt buckle? The buckle might be a window into this man’s psyche. He might even be an undercover porn star. I can only remember the women in porn not the men. The men are just decorations on the porn set and of course the whole monochrome confetti at the end.
What is validation?
Shut up even if you know the answer. The whole point is to make him repeat the same question a thousand times while we cherish his amateur attempt at humor and sarcasm till the sweet sound of the bell reaches our ear drums. The human heart beats 72 times per minute. Women blink twice as many times as men. He has repeated the question 4 times already. There has to be a savior shedding his blood for the others, the big guy gets up with an air of confidence and the right answer. Heart broken. Beating only 60 times per minute. I sulk in my chair this could have easily gone on for another 5 minutes. The big guy is not finished yet, taking upon the previous challenge of- “Any Doubts?” he fires away. Every question is like a wolf. The dreadful sound of the bell. The rabbit lives to see another day.
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