Wednesday, August 13, 2003

sometimes i wish i could fly. i would fly far far away where there r no humans. i wish i could live like an animal, free, no material possesions just free where da only worry is 2 survive. here in real world(which stinks) thre r so many parameters. people think so different. if we could just go back 2 our instincts earth would be such a beautiful place. but we covet stuff we need everything, from da neighbours wife 2 da film stars cars, we r 'nt satisfied, but why? its as if we r chasin some thing tat doesn't exist. what if tomorrow some one scientifically proves tat heaven & hell exists? will people start helpin people out 2 get in heaven? but is it valid 2 help people out just 2 get into heaven? tis is just greed, which is one of da seven deadly sins, so he has 2 go 2 hell. but nevertheless he has helped a person. so who da hell decides all tis shit? tats why i say we should abandon everything &live in forest in small communities just tryin 2 survive nothin else. da contentment we get in tis is unmatched. but we r caught in a game whose rule we don't understand, but still tryin 2 play without much sucess. hope we get lucky soon.
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