Friday, December 16, 2005

ASSHOLES:i love the company that i'm in right now. my friends of the last 3 years. wen i joined engineering i had made up my mind not to have close bonds with anyone. i had suferred from my closest of friends back stabbin me so i was reluctant to make any friends. i also knew that it was hard to find anyone of my frequency or who os as miserable as me. but i was totally wrong. i met a group a bunch of guys who were absolutely unique n crazy. guess what they became my friends.this group is so special that it feels more like we are comrades in a battle or somethin, that is the kind of bond we have. everyone in the group has one talent or the other. out of the six, three of us are artists, two are musicians . two of us can write articles, three of us can write songs and 5 us can play very good football. some pocess more than one talent. this is unbelivable by any standards. everyone of us has real problems or have faced real problems in our lives. everone of us is hurt or has a wound which they are tryin to conceal but failin miserably. if we have a problem with any other member of the group we say that to their face until they accept that they have a problem yet we are together. we all have a bad habit of smokin maybe thats because nobody in the group is keen on livin. every time some one we know is killed in an accident we look up and curse "stop foolin around you could have taken me instead". i know this is not gonna last for ever i can see it crackin up little by little. crank says he is gonna quit engineerin. he is one guy who understands everythin including my jokes. i know this is the beginning of the end. good things come in small doses and misery loves company.........

inspired by kurt and alotta booze:
it was a forzen morning of shattered dreams.
weird thoughts crept into my unsuspected brain.
but lay beside me is the most beautiful thing on god's forsaken green she has a body of a siren, slender and thin.
i hold her in my hand and think is it a sin.
it was too good to be true,such a shalow thing could gratify you.
then i said to her i lost everthing i loved would i lose you too.
she said kiss me once and you'll know.
her lips are a death trap but i didn't have any choice,coz her poise had me on my knees begging for that one last kiss i pressed my lips to hers, expecting heaven on earth.
before i knew i was a believer.
but like every other bitch she turned out to be a cheater.
i thought finally i'll be happy.
but she started to squeeze my life outta my body.
that's when i realized.
nicotine for breakfast lunch and dinner is the life of a sinner. i'm condemmed as her slave but she'll help me to my grave.
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