Friday, December 16, 2005

inspired by kurt and alotta booze:
it was a forzen morning of shattered dreams.
weird thoughts crept into my unsuspected brain.
but lay beside me is the most beautiful thing on god's forsaken green she has a body of a siren, slender and thin.
i hold her in my hand and think is it a sin.
it was too good to be true,such a shalow thing could gratify you.
then i said to her i lost everthing i loved would i lose you too.
she said kiss me once and you'll know.
her lips are a death trap but i didn't have any choice,coz her poise had me on my knees begging for that one last kiss i pressed my lips to hers, expecting heaven on earth.
before i knew i was a believer.
but like every other bitch she turned out to be a cheater.
i thought finally i'll be happy.
but she started to squeeze my life outta my body.
that's when i realized.
nicotine for breakfast lunch and dinner is the life of a sinner. i'm condemmed as her slave but she'll help me to my grave.
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