Saturday, December 24, 2005

REVENGE: revenge sucks like my grandmas ass but guess wat vengence rocks. i wanna kill 4 ppl as of now. but i don't wanna do it quick. i want them 2 suffer tiil their last breath. i wanna kill teir loved ones first right in front of them. strip them naked fuck em and take a sharp knife n start cuttin. first the tounge n the lips n then make cuts all over their body, scrap the flesh off while doin tis u need to hear the knife scrape the bones n make tat sweet music. the final part has to be the eyes pierce the knife n pop it out n put it in the mouth of the half dead body, make it chew it without the lips it would look great the fluids oozin outta the mouth n between the teeth. wen the person is dead get an axe an tear open the chest cut out the heart cut the head as well n kick it thru the window. head shot(lol). now move on to the person u wanna kill. but here is where it gets wierd don't kill them just break their legs n hands they should suffer 4 ever, keep them on life support if u want don't let them die. i forgot some thin record everythin n if u can effrord it keep them captive n make them look at it 4 the rest of their lives.........

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