Sunday, November 30, 2008

SOUND: Flawed sounds make sounds beautiful. The most beautiful things lose their beauty in the eyes violating them, abusing them, molesting them. Sounds go directly to the heart bypassing the brain in an attempt to reach those deep dark secrets once so beautiful, you guarded them with your life. Life tends to lose its meaning while sounds leave your heart. The laughter, the bitter cry, the burst of anger and the most important sound. The sound of pain. Scream until the pain goes away. Scream till the blood dries and the tears can’t find their way onto the cheeks. Blow out your eardrums, but you can still hear. You can hear your heart race, rhythm of life, rhythm so beautifully coordinated. Miss a beat and the world ends. The world ends for you and only you. No more sounds. Then it happens again. The sound of hope. The cries end and the eye hopeful. Change nears a blink away. Illusion.
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